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Customer needs

For more than 70 years, we have been planning, producing and assembling high-quality machines, plants and production lines for the thermal treatment of foodstuffs. Our products are not only standardized but can also be adapted to customer specific needs. Highly qualified employees in sales, development / planning, manufacturing and service as well as modern CAD systems and manufacturing techniques form the basis for proven technology and technology from our company.

Insights as a basis for further development

To provide expert technical and technological advice, our customers are also given the opportunity to manufacture their products in Berief plants at our factory. The insights gained are a solid basis for the development and production of complete process lines.

Well-known references

High user friendliness and the use of branded products enable an export share of more than 70% with an extremely high service level. A long reference list of well-known companies in Germany and abroad is the result of solid products for which the employees of the company and the Berief family bear their name.

Our Mission Statement

What we stand for – what you can expect …

The customer in focus

A trust base that is growing steadily

We as a company are in constant contact with our customers. We attach great importance to the cooperation and the satisfaction of our customers. The partnerships show us again and again that just as the best innovations and solution-oriented results for the future of our customers are achieved. A partnership based on the principle of sustainability cements the built-up trust.

Your cooks with our technology:

A well-established team

Today’s cooks in the kitchen experience / understand their profession again, with innovative goal-oriented orientation. Facilitation by modern food machines! For the large quantities of food which have to be produced every day, you will achieve a high quality and the associated demand for your customers with our plants.

The chef of the future sees himself as a team colleague of a selection of different cooking and frying systems. A plant selection with the best quality for optimally processed products for the end user. The operating convenience of our systems supports your cooks in their respective working atmosphere or working environment. An optimal modular system and a sensitive time management for the processing of different products makes it easy for the chef to master his workload.

Quality distinguishes us:

A claim worth it

You get innovative and high quality products from our house. They are systems which are precisely tailored to your economic needs and individual wishes. We are always solution-oriented, with a know-how of more than 70 years of professional experience in plant construction. Optimal food systems for your high-quality products as well as easy handling for your cooks.

Our TOP products

Cooking, frying and production lines

Tilting cooking kettle type KIPPKO

In many possible variants – depending on your needs

Since its introduction on the market as a universal cooking machine more than 30 years ago, it is hard to imagine the industrial production of ready meals and convenience products without the tilting cooking kettle type KIPPKO. Due to the heating with steam up to 10 bar, roasting processes can be made in the kettle which give the dish the typical taste.

Continuous contact belt grill DUBRA

The star among the roasting systems for large kitchen needs…

The continuous contact belt grill type DUBRA (Teflon®-belt grill) points the way to roasting processes with regard to healthy food and highest quality. Due to the simultaneous contact roasting from both sides between two stainless steel platens heated by thermal oil by using Teflon® belts, additional cooking fats or oils can be eliminated.

Continuous cooking plant type KODUKO / KODUKÜ

Uniform product quality and gentle handling of the food

This line is based on the proven technology of the continuous cooking and cooling systems type KODUKO / KODUKÜ. Among others, rice and pasta products are cooled in this system and vegetable products are blanched. The heating and cooling of the process water is made indirectly by means of steam or cooling medium in heat exchangers.

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Who we are and what you should know!

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Dipl. – Wirtsch. – Ing. Theodor W. Berief

managing Director

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Dipl. – Ing. Uwe Seidel

Member of the Executive Board

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