Processing of minced means
With the shown line, minced meat products (such as meat balls, hamburgers, fish burgers etc.) but also other roast products can be produced. The minced meat products are directly formed and placed onto the Teflon® belt of the belt grill type DUBRA where they are browned and roasted at core temperature. As an alternative, the products can also be browned in the Teflon® belt grill type DUBRA and cooked in a downstream steam cooking tunnel. A downstream freezer or cooler completes the line. Upon request, the line can also be equipped with a rotary brander or a barbecue unit in order to give the products the typical surfaces.

Forming machine
The forming machines forms the minced meat mass directly onto the belt of the contact belt grill (hamburgers, meat balls and others). As an alternative, the products can also be loaded by means of a loading belt or manually.

Teflon® belt grill type DUBRA
In this line, the continuous contact belt grill type DUBRA is frying to seal the products in their own juice by contact heat. Roasting temperatures of up to 280 °C and an individual adaptation of the roasting temperature, platen distance and processing time guarantee a high product quality with a minimum of loss without the requirement for additional roasting fats or oils. Depending on the roasting time and temperature, the products can be either browned or fully cooked.

Steam cooking tunnel / Rotary Brander / Barbecue system
The main task of the steam cooking tunnel which can be added upon requirement downstream of the belt grill is to cook the browned products. Also a further processing by applying grill patterns or a barbecue effect is possible.

Cooler / Freezer
After the roasting and cooking process, the products are cooled or frozen to storage or packaging temperature in a cooler / freezer.

The shown line for the roasting of bacon is divided into 4 main sections: Cutting of the bacon onto the roasting belt, roasting of the slices, cooling and de-fatting of the slices and manual inspection. The line allows the production of a crispy low-fat bacon by using either fresh or cooked raw bacon. The typical final products coming from this line is the crispy consistency, the brown colour of the bacon due to high roasting temperatures, the high fat extraction during the roasting process and the smooth slices.

The slicer mounted above the extended infeed area of the belt grill cuts the slices in the requested strength directly and continuously onto the roasting belt.

The continuous contact belt grill type DUBRA as the core of the line is influencing essentially the roasting result during the production of the roasted bacon. Roasting temperatures of up to 280 °C guarantee a perfect product with a brown colour and a crispy consistency. A minimum platen distance of approximately 1 mm guarantees a smooth final product also with the thinnest slices of raw bacon. The remaining fat is discharged and can be pumped out for further use.

De-fatting and cooling system

After the roasting process, the bacon slices are cooled in an air cooling tunnel. At the same time the fat is blown off from the surface.
Inspection and preparation for packaging
On one belt or several belt, the products are manually inspected after the roasting and cooling process as well as after the preparation of the slices for packaging.

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