kontinuierliches Niederdruck-Prozesssystem GPiCS

kontinuierliches Kochsystem RotaTherm®


GPiCS is GoldPegs new innovative and flexible dry cooker stretcher for mozzarella.

GoldPeg’s innovative dry cooker stretcher produces high quality natural Mozzarella and Pasta Filata with identical composition, sensory & functionality to a traditional wet cooker product.

  • Automatic, hygienic and closed system
  • Add ingredients during the process
  • NO bath cook water
  • Continuous system
  • Fast CIP system
  • Easy to operate
  • Long time production before CIP necessary

The GPiCS is a low pressure, low shear, direct steam injection continuous cooking system which responds to the needs of sensitive natural Mozzarella and Pasta Filata specifications. Its flexibility allows it to produce of a full range of Natural Mozzarella, String cheese and Pasta Filata varieties.

Due to our cooperation with Gold Peg International, Australia, we have acquired the Europe-wide sales rights for the RotaTherm®-System. The RotaTherm®-System is a continuous cooking system where the steam is injected directly into the cooking zone and mixed immediately with the products by means of an agitating system. This guarantees a constant and fast heating and mixing as well as a perfect product quality. The product is flowing freely in the system so that no lumps or burn-on can occur.

The RotaTherm®-System is suited for a variety of different products from melted cheese, sauces and baby food up to difficult to handle viscous products with particulates. Concentrated meat products like for example for Taco fillings or pizza toppings can be produced with this technology which provides permanently the same cooking degree in the complete system. Therefore, a consistent processing of the products is guaranteed.

Meat by-products as for example pet food can also be produced with the RotaTherm®-System.
The advantages of this system are a considerably higher yield due to the elimination of water and fat separation, an increased productivity, no burn-on as well as minimum holding times.

A test unit is available for trials in our test kitchen.


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