A key success factor for industrial kitchens is the efficient flexibility, especially when it comes to the production of small batches. Mainly in the field of Fertigmen├╝- industry it is often not worth using continuous systems. The cooking kettle with slewing basket type HODAKO-S offers the possibility to add small amounts to blanch quickly and inexpensively or cook. Especially be very fast heating provides the necessary flexibility in a kitchen. This is achieved by the heating with high pressure steam. Through a cascade formation, several boilers a cooking-cooling process can be made. Here, a boiler is used as a cooking kettle and the following used as a cooling vessel. The cooling is carried out directly by the fresh and / or chilled water. is emptied into standard car.

  • Heating with high pressure steam up to 5 bar
  • pneumatic actuation of the basket
  • Voted on Korblochung Products
  • Thermostat and Timer
  • Standard sizes: 500 liters boiler, basket 350 liters Total volume cascade 2 or 3 times