Progress Results from New Ideas! Thermal food processing – to us this means
cooking, roasting, boiling, braising, blanching,
browning, grilling, cooling.
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Meet berief

For more than 70 years, we have been planning, producing and assembling high-quality machines, plants and production lines for our customers intended for the thermal treatment of food. Our products are standardized, yet they can also be customized to meet specific requirements of our customers. berief stands for highly qualified staff in sales, development / design, manufacturing and service as well as modern CAD systems and manufacturing techniques – all of which form the basis for the proven and reliable engineering and technology that our company provides.

Insights lead to advancement

We provide expert technical and technological advice, and as part of this service our customers also have the opportunity to test the manufacturing of their products with berief equipment in our dedicated test centre at our factory. Moreover, the gained insights provide a sound basis for the development and manufacturing of entire process lines.

Renowned references

With a high degree of user friendliness and the use of brand-name products we succeed in achieving an export share of more than 70%, with an exceptionally high service level. As a result, our long list of references includes well-known companies from Germany and abroad who trust our reliable products – a hallmark of excellence vouched for by the company’s staff and the Berief family.

Our Mission Statement

What we stand for and what to expect …

Customer focus

Mutual trust that is growing steadily

The collaboration with our customers and their satisfaction is very important to us, so for that reason we ensure ongoing communication with our customers. Time and again it shows that establishing a co-operation where we and our customers act as partners proves to be exactly the right way to achieve the best innovations and solution-oriented results for the future of our customers. This partnership of equals strengthens the established mutual trust sustainably.

Your chefs and our technology

A winning team

Today’s chefs in large commercial kitchens experience / understand their profession in a new way and take an innovative and goal-oriented approach: assistance provided by modern food processing machines! Given the large quantities of food that you need to produce every day, with our plants you will ensure a high level of quality and satisfy the high standards of your customers at the same time.

The chef of the future sees himself as part of a team which consists of chefs and a selection of various cooking and roasting systems, i.e. a selection of high-quality food processing equipment to produce optimal products for the consumers. The operating convenience of our systems supports your chefs and helps create an ideal work climate and working environment. The optimal modular system and a sensitive time management for the processing of different products make it easy for the chefs to manage their workload.

We stand for quality

And quality pays off

Our company will provide you with innovative and high-quality products: food processing systems that are customized to meet your business needs and individual requirements. We always strive to find the perfect solution for you and pride ourselves in our engineering know-how and expertise that we have been building for more than 70 years. As a result, we offer ideal food processing systems for your high-quality products and easy handling for your chefs.

Our Top products

Cooking, roasting and production lines

Tiltable Cooking and Roasting Kettle Type KIPPKO

Available in many different varieties – depending on your needs

Since the launch of our universal cooking system more than 40 years ago, it is hard to imagine the industrial production of ready meals and convenience products without the Tiltable Cooking and Roasting Kettle Type KIPPKO.

Continuous Contact Belt Grill Type DUBRA

The star of the roasting systems for large commercial kitchens

The Continuous Contact Belt Grill Type DUBRA sets the trend in roasting processes when it comes to healthy eating and high quality standards. Simultaneous contact roasting from both sides between two stainless steel plates heated by thermal oil using Teflon® belts helps to eliminate the use of additional cooking fats or oils.

Continuous Cooking and Cooling Systems Type KODUKO / KODUKÜ

Consistent product quality and gentle food processing

This line is based on the proven technology of the Continuous Cooking and Cooling Systems Type KODUKO / KODUKÜ. Among other things, this system is used to cook rice and pasta products and to blanch vegetables. The process water is heated and cooled indirectly by using a steam and cooling medium in heat exchangers.hangers.


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managing Director

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Dipl. – Ing. Uwe Seidel

Member of the Executive Board

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